An well equipped Geography Laboratory with an area of 500 sq. ft. Approx exists in the college premises which is quite adequate and satisfactory that can accommodate all the needs of the students.

There is a Language Laboratory in the college that aims to improve the communication skills primarily in English and also in Bengali. Students can use the laboratory on the specified days and time.

Progress and marching ahead is the mantra of the college. Keeping in mind this vision, the institution has plans of opening up degree courses in the science stream -

a. Computer Science - H and G

b. Physics - G

c. Maths - H

Science stream will begin in this very academic year that is 2016 - 17. Subject to permission from the Higher Education Council and the University.

Publications -

The college now brings out an Inter-disciplinary journal with an ISSN number called Excelsior. The volume had successfully seen the light in terms of its first volume with a rich haul of 19 essays.

The Department of Bengali had brought out an ISBN journal called Abong Sahitya.

The Department of English had brought out its seminar proceeding journal with ISBN number.


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